I'm so happy to be connecting with you,
With so much uncertainty happening around us right now,
It really is unprecedented times!

I decided to do my part and make my coaching available online.
I know more than ever, that staying focused

right now, is virtually impossible.
Let me help!!
With restrictions all around, business's closed,

kids at home and a virus absolutely ripping

through our nation, I know how desperately important it is to keep level headed.
Let me help!!
I've put together a one of kind coaching program which is designed not based on gimmicks, but based on how the real woman lives, how the real woman thinks, what she needs and how she needs it!

In these unprecedented times, do something unprecedented and invest in yourself.
We will get through this, and I want to make sure you come out stronger!
Let me help you!!


I have created a Coaching program just for you, find out more here
In the meantime I really hope you enjoy your free download 12 Steps to THE NEXT LEVEL

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Keep safe
Please stay indoors
Let's join together, do our part and say a prayer for all those affected xx

Sola Dawkins


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