The Purpose Journey Academy

Sola Dawkins

The Purpose Journey Academy is our longer term coaching platform, with options of 6 Month, 9 Month or 12 Month continuous coaching.

With this option you pay a retainer, which allows you the flexibility and security of having a Coach readily on hand when you need.

This means whatever season of life you may be experiencing, you will always have someone there, holding your hand.

Sessions are conducted by phone and often range from anything to once a week to once a month, this platform is totally flexible.

Mindset is everything!

If you’re reading this, then I want you to know that coaching is one of the fastest, more meaningful ways to get to your next level…and I want to make sure you get there

Do you know you already have what it takes to have an abundance of Wealth and Happiness?

I am her to ensure you get clarity, direction and have a confident sounding board?

Make a decision today!

The Purpose Journey Academy

Step into YOUR creative power and let's do life on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! 

We all need accountability and the support of someone who is consistent and cares, that's why I am here!

Learn with me how to use your 'word' to create more of what you actually want!

Your word has the power to create but it also has the power to destroy.

I will stand with you & identify if you've been 'creating or destroying' by taking a deep look at your journey of life so far.

The Purpose Journey Academy will teach you how to use your

words & your mindset to create powerful open doors & 

connections in your life.

Imagine having the CONFIDENCE to speak up for yourself in

tough situations or the ability to ask for what you want

without the fear of rejection and without shrinking.

It is one thing to tap into your Power, but it's another level to

back that power with authority.

I want you to know, you are valued, admired and respected.

Know your worth, now!


Is This For Me?

The only way to ignite your fire is to confront every block and take off all the limits that are standing in your way.

And ultimately connect all that you are to your faith in 


Have you forgotten how much you matter?

Are your emotions out of sync?

Do you have some things that just feel amiss?

Have you lost your FIRE and passion?


Maybe you're actually doing ok, BUT you absolutely understand the POWER of having accountability, a cheerleader, someone who is consistent in your life, has integrity and won't stop until you win!

Let's get started!

Sola Dawkins

It's YOUR 


No-one else!

  • You are someone who wants overnight change, but recognises greatness takes a little time!

  • You know what it feels like to shrink into your comfortable, comfort zone, rather than stepping out in faith.

  • You know how valuable you and you believe in investing in yourself to reach your goals.

  • You dream of success and know you're worth.

  • You know what it's like to avoid rather than confront.

  • You are committed to reach the next level.

  • You are willing to commit to do what it takes to be the best version of yourself.


Let's get started!

Coaching With Me

What we will learn:-

How to Master The Art of Domination 

(the art of power & influence over any situation)

How to Understand Your Authority

(the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience in your life)

How to Walk in your Power

(the capacity or ability to influence, to make things happen)

The Purpose Journey Academy

Sola Dawkins

you. You deserve to be believed in, to be celebrated and to be allowed to excel and soar.

Everything is explored, you will be encouraged to bring forth, own and identify your deepest desires.

​Master the art of living a life of abundance, purpose, and growth that you are supposed to live.

Sola will hold your hand through the highs and the lows and keep you pushing forward.

​This Journey is designed to position you, to own your path in life.

considers it her purpose to walk this path with 

What can I expect...

The Art of Domination, Authority & Power!





The intensity of what you are feeling right now, is simply because life is screaming at you, saying




This is not always an easy skill to navigate through.

On this coaching platform day you will ride the wings of your power and together we well soar!

You have to dominate those thoughts in your mind.

You must tell them 'you are in control'.

You are your power

You are your decisions

You are your thoughts

You are your environment

Everything you engage in, has the power to define and dictate to you.

This is why we will dominate all this together! 

What is authority!

Is is being assertive

Is it taking control

Is it having confidence

What if I told you, authority

is an unspoken command.

It is not an action!

Authority is a presence!

We will command this unspoken action!


Dismantle mental myths

Confront your biggest critic - YOU 

Win the mind game

Vision & its importance

Understanding your abundant right!

What is power!

Remaining steadfast when life sends curveballs.

​Redefining Your story

Staying until Manifestation.

Evaluating, Growing and Owning your life.


The Purpose Journey Academy

Sola Dawkins


Who am I?:

In case you don’t know me already, my name’s Sola Dawkins.

I’m a Pastor, Coach, Speaker & Writer and have created 

multiple multi stream income companies that have aligned

me to my true assignment,

For me thats when life began to become clear,

But it didn’t start out that way.

Raised by an incredibly strong mother, I had humble but very

strong foundational beginnings.

Being thrust into independence at a young age, literally became the

birthing ground to who I am today.

But despite this, I had yet to find the road that would take me to the heights

I was destined to aspire to reach.

I share in my coaching, what I not only learned but also applied.

My upbringing taught me strength, resilience, fight & independence.

This resilience taught me that anybody can win, with a focused, awakened mindset - no matter the circumstances.

Circumstances shape you, they don't define you!

I have literally traveled to places I didn't even dream of, internationally.

In all of my platforms, I accredit inner peace, spiritual awareness and connection to something bigger than me, as the key to an awakened mindset.

Having dined with Presidents, Vice Presidents, met with Government officials, Celebrities, Actors, CEO's, Pastors, Wives, Mothers and Gifted talented women, all have afforded me the opportunity to spark the fire already ablaze within, with a resounding sound...QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION!

I'm not sure where you are today

BUT, action is the key for us all! 

Hope, fuels your dreams

But it's going to take a leap of faith and personal investment in yourself,

that will make the difference.

This is my calling.

Your life journey, is your calling.

Let's arrive at the next level together.

And together we will create an army of Women walking in their calling!

The Purpose Journey

Life Changing..

Soul Awakening..

Thought Provoking..

The Journey

within is the most

powerful journey

to take..

No other road is worth the

tread, unless it's within.

So..Now it's Decision Time.

I've learnt two life lessons on my journey,


getting the information is not the problem,

it's turning the information into real tangible transformation.


Nothing happens until you're READY.

You can’t just hope. You must take a leap of faith and invest in yourself.

Listen, I’m not trying to “sell” you anything.

genuinely believe action creates change.

This is my calling.

It doesn’t matter what your story is, where you live, or your background.

This will work for you.


Because I've been where you are


Everyone of us are a decision away from giving up, walking away, failing and losing it all.

A winning mindset is my mantra.

If at first I don't succeed, I'm always learning and I'll try again.

This is what I will invest in You.

I won't let you lose!

So together, we'll safely drop the story that’s holding you back, and I'll make you look at your future,

If you want it, let's do it!


The Purpose Journey

 ©2020 Sola Dawkins