The Purpose Journey

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Where Purpose and Spiritual Authority collide

your Purpose


The most important path you should ensure you take, is the one which leads to your purpose.


Finding your purpose is a must!

SOLA DAWKINS' mandate is to impact, transform and revolutionise the mind of every woman she comes into contact with!

Sola's determination to connect you with your purpose has inspired many worldwide and helped countless audiences reconnect to the original intent of God for your life.


We all have untapped power and infinite potential.

Have you ever said "I need to find my purpose"

Let me change your words,

You don't need to find your purpose, as long as you're alive, your purpose is not lost, it's within you, waiting to be awakened.

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I Want to Find My Purpose

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Trust me, I've been there too!

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I Want to Make Better Choices!

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You will have SUCCESS. You will SUCCEED.
You will EVOLVE.

You will GROW.
You will experience new realms of THOUGHT.
You will own your POWER. 

Personal & Spiritual Mentoring

MENTORING OPTIONS start from £29

Frequently asked questions

How Long will I be Mentored for?

The quick answer is, how long is a piece of string! The mentoring relationship should ideally last for a minimum of 3 months...But there's no need to think about endings, let's get started, our mentoring realtionship can be for a lifetime! Life is always evolving, releasing and unveiling new pages & chapters. We never fully know what each chapter will bring, our mentoring relationship will ensure you navigate through the journey of life! But if we reach the ending of our mentoring relationship we require one month's notice.

What is Mentoring & Coaching?

Coaching and mentoring are approaches based on one-to-one or group conversations. What is coaching? Coaching focuses on specifics (dreams, goals, hurdles, blocks etc) & leans towards focus driven performance. The process of which delves seamlessly into the personality traits of an individual.
What is mentoring? Mentoring leans towards development. Mentoring tends to lean towards the sharing and imparting of knowledge, skills, tranferrable life lessons etc. Mentoring relationships tend to be a lot longer than coaching.

What Will our First Session be Like?

Our first session will be a friendly informal conversation. We look at the challenges, dreams, goals and hindrances. I’ll outline my style of coaching & mentoring. And give you an opportunity to express your expec The first session will be for approximately 45mins.

Is it Confidential?

All inidividual 1:2:1 sessions are strictly confidential. Group sessions are held confidentially within a goup setting.

Is it for me?


What's the Difference between Mentoring/Coaching & Counseliing/Therapy?

Mentoring/Coaching and Counselling/Therapy can be used separately or together. Therapy is more focused on mental health, and transforming dysfunctional behaviours into functional ones. 7 There may be some overlap with certain therapy practices and mentoring & coaching. It should be stressed that mentoring & coaching is not a replacement for professional psychological help. If you believe you are suffering from mental health issues, you should first speak to your doctor as a first port of call. If during our sessions we mutually identify an area of your life which we believe could benefit from targeted therapy, we will mutually discuss this!

Do you Provide Spiritual Mentoring?

Our mentoring program incorporates both personal & spiritual mentoring! Look at it this way, you get two aspects of mentoring under one platfrom.