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Change Your Path
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As much as I know, how much information is available to be better, achieve more, be more, live the life etc,

I have put together a collection of my personal experiences, no-nonesense, no feel good jargon,

just sensible, practical & realistic insights into me & you as a person.

Confronting and addressing our real struggles and of course our moments of "Yes".....

I've always been mindful of what I say, whether I offend and how I make people feel. So that hasn't been too much of a problem for me.

But I never quite knew where I sat on the "Power of your words" phenomina that began sweeping our airwaves.

So I tried it...and NOTHING happened.

Load of rubbish I said.

Over time I began a lifestyle change of processing my thoughts and not being so quick to reach a resolve to my current situation.

That's where my inspiration came to write my other book,

"Hello Thoughts, we need to talk".


And without realising it, things were beginning to happen, and now I want to share my journey with you.

If you don't believe whatyou say, why would anyone else.

Don't like where you're going.

Get out of the car.

Change Direction.

By Whatever means

Do Something...


This book journeys my own challenges, your challenges and why you may need to change your Path.

My mind literally spoke more than I did.

It said things I dare not say.

It said things I wanted to say but knew I shouldn't.

It allowed me to win arguments without saying the words.

Wow I loved my Thoughts....


But I also needed to be aware of its desturctive nature.

This book marks the moment I knew Change was banging at my door.

I knew the one vital conversation I had to have was with my thoughts.


I've always maintained that there is a thin line between being Confident and being Boastful.

One is often mistaken for the other.

However there comes a time in your life, when you simply have to state who you are.

Hello Thoughts,
"We need to talk"
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30 Declarations
you need to say but often don't.
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