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Women With a Purpose has been hosting 21 Days of Prayer for a number of years.

We believe in the transformational power & Godly authority of strategic praying.

We stand to see manifestation of His Word toward us.

We believe almost all things manifesting in your life right now, that are not right, are steeped in some level of spiritual warfare!

We reveal & expose to you the revelation of the dimensions within spiritual warfare.

We teach and expose the need to uproot, break, destroy & overturn demonic acts, decrees, altars and covenants.

God has a plan for your life, and we will confront every opposing force standing to deceive the believer to their authority in God.


Breakthrough, deliverance, ungodly covenants & spiritual warfare is our foundation for 21 Days of Prayer.

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21 Days

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21 Days of Prayer
Spiritual Warfare 
Ungodly altars, covenants & decrees
Generational cycles
Principalities, Powers & Rulers
Pulling down & uprooting strongholds



To dominate the spiritual atmosphere with strategic intercessory prayer, to see manifestation & transformation by the authority of God. To pull down strongholds, destroy ungodly altars, covenants and decree's.

Break ungodly generational cycles, identity the root cause of spiritual warfare.

Understanding the devices of the Principalities, Powers & Rulers.


Equipping spiritual ambassadors to raise a global army of intercessors manifesting the authority of God.


To bring to the forefront, spiritual warfare, strongholds and ungodly decrees & covenants.

To reconnect to the spiritual authority that is our right to access and live.

To have a global network of Kingdom minded intercessors,

re-engage in continual strategic prayer to see families & generations relieved of physical, emotional or spiritual bondage.

Sola Dawkins recognises the need to affect spiritual change.

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1st June 2021 - 21st June 2021
Emails sent daily 1st June -14th June 2021
Emails sent morning and night 15th June - 21st June 2021



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