Life is a Journey,

 full of chapters & seasons

To be fully present in each chapter of life,

is a must for us all.

For therein lies the lessons of life.

— The Purpose Journey

One of the things that I had to come to terms with as I reached adult life, is that life happens.

With a strong connection to God and with a resolve that with faith, nothing is impossible, I knew I had it in me to believe.

Despite this foundation one thing was for sure pain, hurts, scars & wounds feel the same.

The choice that stood before me, was, what do you do about your life. 

With all of what life has to throw at you, I made a choice to use my circumstances as a catalyst and the turning point to my breakthrough, for my healing and to becoming the person I was created to be.


I had to go through the process to Acknowledge, Accept, Forgive, Heal & Move on.

Standing before me were two FACTS....

Sola, you can't change the past....that's a fact.

Sola, you can impact and change your future....that's a fact.

And with that fact, I took action.

Why Choose Me On Your Journey?

I have studied various aspects and approaches to counselling.

I have a Double Bachelor Degree in Theology and Ministry and therefore able to provide spiritual guidance.

My personal life lessons, experience & journey are brought to the forefront to all that I engage with. Whilst I have read many books, nothing impacts and creates lasting change more than me sharing with you, the transparency of my own journey.

Having spent many years in the ‘real world’, going through the routine of life, I know what it’s like to need that little push. Seventeen years in the corporate world in Business & Finance gave me extensive experience in the management of people, projects and budgets, so I got to know a bit about how the world works, and why it sometimes doesn't.

I've gone through a good few of life's trials and come out the other side.

My empathy derives from my own personal experiences which are probably similar to yours. The strength and wealth of my platform and programs is through transparency, being genuine and honest. 


I have achieved success.

I have experienced many pitfalls, low times and discouragement.

I have put together my own experiences and journey to take you on the “Aspire Journey” to bring you to a place of greater self-awareness.


Why not sign up to one of my platforms.

I have learned in order to succeed in life I have to be forward focused.

Life is about moving forward and breaking free from things that have held you back and prevented you from getting all you can from life. 

At the start of my journey, I had a lot to consider in my life....It was a mess!

My first question to myself was "How on earth did I get here"

I asked myself hundreds of questions : (Here are a few)

Sola, are you dreaming?

Do you really think, if you keep doing things in the exact same way, that things will change?Are you happy?

Do you want to be doing this job in 10 year's time?

Are you using all of your talents?

Are you limiting yourself?

Are you at peace with yourself?

How long are you going to keep fighting against the world and everyone in it?

Do you know who you are? 

This was my turning point question!               

Are you willing to work with someone to make it happen? 

I said NO, I don't need help.

I soon realised that I didn't need HELP,

I needed acceptance.

What I needed was to be accountable to someone who wouldn't let me remain the same.

That's when change came...                                      

I realised it was time to write my story.

That's when I committed to change and opened the door...


"When you own your story, you get to write the ending.”

Brené Brown

If this will be your first time joining me, Sola Dawkins....

I can't express in Words, How Powerful, Insightful & Thought Provoking our Aspire Journey Platform is.


The wisdom, the searching of the soul, the revealing of your divine purpose,

There of your personal hindrances to your success & destiny.....

The nuggets of wisdom are endless

The Purpose Journey 

Welcomes You

Sola Dawkins

 ©2020 Sola Dawkins