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Abundant Life


Abundant Life

More love. More adventure. More health. More spiritual connection. More acceptance of yourself. More Joy. More Peace.

It can all be yours. 

Actually, it’s meant to be yours.

Abundance in all areas of life is your birthright.

You were created within the realms of abundance.

BEYOND, is designed to cultivate an abundant mindset. 

Abundance is more than wealth!

Abundance is being whole!




You see, when we finally get clarity about what we want and where we’re headed, here’s what usually happens…


People say, go on, you can do it now!

You are told, "go and live your dreams"

They say "you've got all the tools, now go"

"Go possess your Divine Assignments."

We look around at where we are … and we have no idea how to get from here to there.

The truth is it's hard to figure out what to do.

It's hard trying to do it alone.


Trust me, I know.


But I don’t want you to do it alone.

And you won’t – because I’ll be with you every step of the way.


I will give you the steps. I will show you the actions to take to

recognise greatness is already within you, somewhere in the waiting room.

I know you know what it feels like to shrink into your 

comfortable, comfort zone, rather than stepping out in faith.

You know how valuable you are.

You see & feel success and know your worth.

You know what it's like to avoid rather than to confront.

Today it stops!



Transforming Lives....

In case you don’t know me already, my name’s Sola Dawkins.

I’m a Pastor, Coach, Speaker & Writer and have created 

multiple multi stream income platforms that have aligned

me to my true assignment.

But it didn’t start out that way.

Raised by an incredibly strong mother, I had humble but very 

strong foundational beginnings.

Being thrust into independence at a young age, literally became the 

birthing ground to who I am today.

But despite this, I had yet to find the road that would take me to the heights 

I was destined to aspire to reach.

I share in my coaching, what I not only learned but also applied.

My upbringing taught me strength, resilience, fight & independence.

This resilience taught me that anybody can win, with a focused, awakened mindset - no matter the circumstances.

Circumstances shape you, they don't define you!

I have literally traveled to places I didn't even dream of, internationally.

In all of my platforms, I accredit my inner peace, spiritual awareness and connection to something bigger than me, it is my key to an awakened mindset.

Having dined with Presidents, Vice Presidents, met with Government officials, Celebrities, Actors, CEO's, Pastors, Wives, Mothers and Gifted talented women,

they have all afforded me the opportunity to spark the fire already ablaze within, with a resounding sound...





I'm not sure where you are today

BUT, action is the key for us all! 

Hope, fuels your dreams

But it's going to take a leap of faith and personal investment in yourself, 

that will make the difference.

This is my calling. This is my mandate to you!

Your life journey, is your calling.

Let's arrive at the next level together.

And together we will create an army of Women walking in their calling!

Let's go BEYOND!​






Trust me, I was there once too...

One of the things that I had to come to terms with as I reached adult life, is that life happens.

With a strong connection to God and with a resolve that with faith, nothing is impossible,

I knew I had it in me to believe.

Despite this foundation one thing was for sure pain, hurts, scars & wounds feel the same,

they happen to us all!

The choice that stood before me, was, what do you do about your life. 

With all of what life has to throw at you, I made a choice to use my circumstances as a catalyst and the turning point to my breakthrough, for my healing and to becoming the person I was created to be.


I had to go through the process to acknowledge, accept, forgive, heal & move on.

Standing before me were two FACTS!

Sola, you can't change the past....that's a fact.

Sola, you can impact and change your future....that's a fact.

And with those two facts, I took action.

Why Choose Me On Your Journey?

I have studied various aspects and approaches to counselling.

I have a Double Bachelor Degree in Theology and Ministry and therefore able to provide sound spiritual guidance.

My personal life lessons, experience & journey are brought to the forefront to all that I engage with.

Whilst I have read many books, nothing impacts and creates lasting change more than me sharing with you,

the transparency of my own journey.

Having spent many years in the ‘real world’, going through the routine of life,

I know what it’s like to need that little push.

Over seventeen years in the corporate world in Business & Finance gave me extensive experience in the management of people, projects and budgets, so I know a bit about how the world works, and why it sometimes doesn't.

I've gone through a good few of life's trials and come out the other side.

My empathy derives from my own personal experiences which are probably similar to yours. The strength and wealth of my platform and programs is through transparency, being genuine and honest. 


I have achieved success.

I have experienced many pitfalls, low times and discouragement.

In my mentoring platforms I have put together my own experiences and journey to take you on the "BEYOND, Purpose Journey” to bring you to a place of greater self-awareness.


Why not sign up to one of my platforms.

Life is about moving forward and breaking free from things that have held you back and prevented you from getting all you can from life. 

At the start of my journey, I had a lot to consider in my life....It was a mess!

My first question to myself was "How on earth did I get here"

I asked myself hundreds of questions : (Here are a few)

Sola, who are you?

Do you really think, if you keep doing things in the exact same way, that things will change?

Are you happy?

Do you want to be doing this job in 10 year's time?

Are you using all of your talents?

Are you limiting yourself?

Are you at peace with yourself?

How long are you going to keep fighting against the world and everyone in it?

Do you know who you are? 

It wasn't my answers to some of these questions that challenged me, It was the fact, I hadn't looked at life in this way before!

This was my turning point question! 


Let me hold your hand in your turning point.


Listen, I've been where you may be right now!  


I said NO, I don't need help.

I can do this.

I soon realised what I needed was to be accountable to someone, who wouldn't let me remain the same.

That's when change came...                                      

I realised it was time to re-write my story.

That's when I committed to change and opened the door.

Will you open the door today and let me join you on your next chapter in life.


If this will be your first time joining me, Sola Dawkins,

I can't express in words, how powerful, insightful & thought Provoking our BEYOND, Purpose Journey Platform is.


The wisdom, the searching of the soul, the revealing of your divine purpose,

the healing the breakthrough & the change.

There are not enough words to encapsulate what happens when we connect!

The Purpose Journey 

Welcomes You

Sola Dawkins

White Branch


“Give Me at least 90 Days....

and I'll share some of the most important steps to take to start walking in the abundant life, created for you.

I will challenge your mind, 

break untruths, break thoughts of limited power, renew blessing patterns, open up your wealth of power & greatness, I'll share what has worked for me time & time again”

New to coaching.

Feel a little lost.

Need a little direction.

Tired of the cycle of life.

Really want to move to the next level.

Struggling to heal from your past.

Need a sounding board from time to time.

Need help identifying your internal blocks.

Need to identify negative cycles

Need a strong firm hand to hold.

Keep asking yourself, what's my purpose.

Feeling it's time to move to the next level.

You know you're procrastinating, but need help.

God has a calling on your life and you don't know where to start.

Want to go deeper with your walk with God.

Want an accountability coach, someone who will take the time to listen, keep you accountable to your goals and pour into you keeping you driven , focused and connected.

Where you are right now, may not reflect what you had hoped for.

You may have read books, listened to podcasts and even had a coach before, but I am the coach with a difference!

If no one’s watching, it’s easy to quit when things get tough – but that won't happen with me holding your hand.

This is for you, Group or Individual Mentoring & Coaching

Let's go BEYOND!



Are You Ready to (Finally) Step Into Your Greatness, Surrender to Your Divine Assignment … and Create the Extraordinary Life That Is Your Birthright?

Let me show you how to fully surrender to the pre ordained life created for you to access & live!

This is not about anyone else, this is not about proving to the world how great and awesome you are, this is about looking in the mirror, and saying, "Hey You, You deserve this!"

My gift to you is sharing all of my life lessons, secrets & strategies that have seen me, transform lives all around the globe!

I am here to help you win from the inside.

I help you realise how important happiness is,

there’s nothing to apologise for, especially when you realise your birthright.

I’ll show you how to get it, walk it, how to manage it, how to maintain it, and how to grow it, let's wrap it in abundance and happiness!

Once you commence with me on BEYOND, you will quickly learn the enormous amount of time and commitment I invest in you.

Trust, focus & accountability are of my golden rules.

Together we will:

  • Identify, Understand & Defeat the enemy within

  • ​Challenge yourself, your beliefs and your norm.

  • We will shift limiting mindset​s.

  • Understanding the power of your Spirit.​

  • What is Power.

  • Remaining steadfast when life sends curveballs. 

  • ​Redefining Your story.

  • Manifestation. Evaluation. Elevation. 



The Purpose Journey Coaching platform

Offers the flexibility of either

Personal Coaching or Personal & Spiritual Coaching


Our Coaching platforms require a minimum 3 month sign up.

Greatness takes time, why rush, let's enjoy the journey together and create real lasting impact in all we do.

Along our coaching journey you will have me right there with you, along with my team of *experts, who will be available to you also (*may attract additional fees)

Sessions are conducted in group sessions via private webinar or you can take advantage of having both 1:2:1 personal coaching with the option to join the group coaching sessions!