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Sola Dawkins

We all need a friend, a true one, a real one, the one that doesn't judge, the one we can act the fool in front of and not care!

We all need to know we are deeply loved, needed, and appreciated!

The world doesn't do that so easy, but God has sent me to you, to change that.

Girl, everything you ever dreamed for, prayed for and hoped for is about to happen!!

Her direct, thought provoking, inspiring and participative approach opens your Spirit, Soul & Mind

All About Me

From an early life Sola encountered many of life’s obstacles and for many Years lost who she really was.


Sola realised she had become a product of circumstance and knew she had to fight to break out of the mould to evolve into the person, she was destined to be.


Like many others, she found herself trudging through life, often searching but not sure what for. 

She had the desire to achieve but could only see the possible failures not the inevitable successes. 

Sola began a journey of finding the meaning to life and seeking what is life’s Purpose.


Sola one day took a snapshot of her life and asked herself the question if this was the end of her life, would she be happy with what she achieved. 

The problem with the snapshot is, it did not include many of her dreams, goals & visions.

At this point Sola decided if she didn't make some sure decisions now, her life would remain unfulfilled.

Before I go any further, life is to be enjoyed, ENJOY THE JOURNEY and start today!

​But it didn’t start out that way.

Raised by an incredibly strong mother, I had humble but very strong foundational beginnings.

Being thrust into independence at a young age, literally became the birthing ground to who I am today.

But despite this, I had yet to find the road that would take me to the heights I was destined to aspire to reach.

I share with transparency my journey, my calling and how God is my EVERYTHING!

My upbringing taught me strength, resilience, fight & independence.

This resilience taught me that anybody can win, with a focused, Godly mindset - no matter the circumstances.

Circumstances shape you, they don't define you.

​I have literally travelled to places I didn't dream of.

In all of my platforms, I accredit my inner peace, resolve, spiritual awareness & connection,

to God.

I've dined and met with Presidents, Vice Presidents, met with Government officials, Celebrities, Actors, CEO's, Pastors, Wives, Mothers, and women who are daring to dream!

I'm not sure where you are today

BUT action is the key for us all! 

Hope fuels your dreams.

But it's going to take a leap of faith and personal investment in yourself, to make the difference.

I do what I do!

This is my calling. This is my mandate to you!

Together we will create an army of Women walking in their calling!

Will you join me!

Sola realised we not one dimensional, there is the emotional and the spiritual woman that stands before the world on a daily basis, how we show up depends on what the world requires of us at any given moment!

We are adaptable, unshakeable, strong, creative, futuristic, we dream, we hide our paid and we desire so much more!!!

The meaning to life must be sought spiritually and emotionally.....The intellectual stuff can and will only carry you so far, trust me!

Sola Dawkins has been gifted to marry the spiritual & emotional together in an effortless yet powerful way, that sees the two collide and create an explosion of purpose!

Connect with me here where we delve into the emotionally deeply passionate soul that we are, where we tap into our hidden places and bring forth the power that lies within!

Sola also has her Ministry platform, Women With a Purpose and here, she delves into the world of spirituality, breaking generational cycles, patterns, counteracting curses, and words used against us by untamed lips.

Alignment is what we need, and Sola has been sent by God to birth this in you!

Sola has ministered & mentored women internationally, on a host of platforms.

Her mentoring platform sits under the umbrella 'The Purpose Journey'

She hosts events, weekend retreats, empowerment events and more.

Sola is privileged to receive invitations both nationally and internationally and is acknowledged & respected in both Faith & Non Faith Based platforms.​​

And remember with God, All things can become possible.

God has sent Sola Dawkins to help you manifest that!!

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