Meet the face
behind it all...

From an early life Sola encountered many of life’s obstacles and for many Years lost who she really was.


Sola realised she had become a product of circumstance and knew she had to fight to break out of the mould to evolve into the person, she was destined to be.


Like many others, she found herself trudging through life, often searching but not sure what for. 

She had the desire to achieve, but could only see the possible failures not the inevitable successes. 

Sola began a journey of finding the meaning to life and seeking what is life’s Purpose.


Sola one day took a snapshot of her life, and asked herself the question if this was the end of her life, would she be happy with what she achieved. 

The problem that Sola encountered with the snapshot, is it did not include many of her dreams, goals & visions.

At this point Sola decided if she didn't make some sure decisions now, her life would remain unfulfilled.


Her direct, thought provoking, inspiring and participative approach opens your Spirit, Soul & Mind.

Sola is a highly sought after Keynote Empowerment

& Motivational Speaker, Conference Host and Has Ministered the Word of God on a host of platforms with a Specialism in Women's Ministry.

Sola is privelaged to receive invitations both nationally and internationally, And is acknowledged & respected in both 

Faith & Non Faith Based platforms.

Life happens whether you have a strong connection to God or you are a non faith practicing individual, pain, hurts, scars & wounds feel the same.

The choice that stands before us all, is what you do about your situation....

You can have it alter your life forever or you can make a choice to use your circumstances as a catalyst and the turning point to your breakthrough, for your healing and to becoming the person you were created to be.

You have to Acknowledge, Accept, Forgive, Heal & Move on.

You can't change the past.

But you can impact and change your future.

Sola Dawkins