28 Days to Breakthrough

28 Days to Breakthrough

The “28 Days to Breakthrough”                                                                                         Sometimes we need a little repositioning, a little refocus, or just a boost.. 

That’s why you need to get started TODAY.

Join me on this 28-days to breakthrough and you’ll discover:

  • Why it's important to drop the weight (emotional baggage)

  • Taking 100% responsibility for what you think about yourself is necessary

  • Understanding the power of past experiences

  • Understanding the chapters, seasons & lessons in life

  • The importance of taking control back

  • Practical applications to ensure you are able to let go

  • The impact and need to know how to handle the 'weight' of life.

  • What you need to tell your mind and thoughts

  •  How to protect your mind and make yourself a priority

  • How to ensure you are able to maintain the extraordinary life created for you

  • … and the surprising ways we get dumped on (let me teach you how to never be dumped on again)

  • I'll show you how to control the door to your mind

  • And much more


This programme is designed to ensure you 'shed the weight' (emotional weight)

This program creates a foundation for success, which will allow you to carry out your Divine Assignment, with complete breakthrough to create the extraordinary life that has been created for you.

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Why 28 Days to Breakthrough is For You!!

  • For the next 28 Days, I will be your Accountability Partner 

  • Everyday for 28 Days you will receive my Steps to Breakthrough

  • You will embark on an Amazing Empowerment Experience

  • Everyday for 28 Days, you will receive PERSONALISED Daily Strategies for Breakthrough Empowerment

  • 28 Days to Breakthrough downloadable workbook

  • Daily Action Points  

28 Days to Breakthrough

  • Start your day different to yesterday.

  • Each audio is created to release the blocks, get you fired up and stirred for complete transformation.

  • You can listen at your own leisure (when the kids are at school, in your lunch break, before you start work, or as part of your relaxation in the evening)

  • All Audios are yours for a lifetime, they don't expire.

  • Each day you will be given a focus point to use with your workbook

  • So what are you waiting for....

  • You get 28 days of life-changing breakthrough empowerment audio from me.​

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28 Days to Breakthrough

Start your day with me for the next 28 days.

The Purpose Journey "28 Days to Breakthrough"

brings breakthrough of your mind and thoughts, opening the doors to  your true success.


This amazing 28 Day Program has been created with you in mind, I have been empowering women (and men) all over the world to accept, love and appreciate who you really are.

You know longer have to apologise for you are.

On this journey you will challenge your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and be confident in owning them.


This is NOT about becoming someone who you are not.

It's about being comfortable in who you are.