Calling 100 Women HIGHER

100 Higher - calling 100 women Higher

Something magical happens when women come together,

With no pretence, no airs and graces, platforms, academics and achievements are left outside for a minute...

Something magical happens when Women ride, soar and fly, off the the presence of another powerful female spirit.

Where there is no competition, no ego, but just a sheer sense of spirit knitted together....

Therein lies the bedrock for the eagles wings to rise.

The term 'Network' means 

"an arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines"

The Higher Network brings a spiritual connection both horizontally and vertically

to it's platform, with this connectivity a limitless, power filled environment is created & birthed.



Sola Dawkins

The Higher Network is a place of birthing,

You are a seed and wherever you plant yourself in thought, word and deeds, you are certain and destined to grow.

The higher network cultivates the seed bringing forth every single attribute concealed in the seed.

A Woman is created to blosom.

She has been created to thrive.

I am giving you this unique opportunity to join the Higher Network of 100 Women.

It encapsulates my Mentoring and Coaching Mastermind platform. 

Women will join together both personally and virtually on this Mastermind platform.

We dine, we high tea, we latè, we laugh, we cry, we release, we embrace

we love.

You are a

Phenomenal Woman 

who is simply ready to step into the classroom of life and safely evolve into levels and heights unimaginable.

You are unstoppable, and You will cultivate the seed that you are.




 Step into the 




This is not just a coaching and mentoring platform this is a

YOU platform.

The beauty of my own personal journey, is it may be a little like yours.

'More' was knocking at my door daily, 

I wasn't looking for a 3 step, 10 step to success remedy,


I was looking for a safe place, to express me, to be me.

Sometimes I just wanted to have a nice evening out, no formalities,

just a beautiful time with beautiful like-minded Ladies.

Sound a bit familiar

Tired of walking into a room, being judged, scrutinised, then finding yourself asking, is my hair alright, do I look alright, am I overdressed, underdressed....

Been there done that (and.... still doing that)

Convinced there must be a way to see these goals and dreams become more then words,

I set out to make a meaningful change.

You see transformation is the key ingredient. 

Empowerment workshops became my signature,

and within months saw Women starting businesses,

following through on dreams and simply becoming more connected, whole and centred individuals.


Fast forward and I've dined with vice presidents, officials in governmental parties, celebrities, actors, Ceo's, Pastors, Wives, Mothers and Gifted talented women who just needed a committed voice to spark the fire already ablaze within.



Enough of that for now..


Life Changing..

Soul Awakening..

Thought Provoking..

The Journey

within is the most powerful journey

to take.

No other road is worth the

tread, unless

it's within.

Life is knocking everyday,

All you have to do is answer.


Not with questions but with willingness.. 

What is Included..

So..Now it's Decision Time.

A little bit more about me..

I have spoken on numerous platforms, locally and internationally,

 mentored and coached hundreds.

I've learnt two life lessons on my journey,

 Firstly, getting the information is not the problem it's turning that information into real tangible transformation.


Nothing happens until you're READY.

I'm a mother, wife, (with all the other female role titles too), a pastor 

and a mother figure to many.

I also run my own business (more than one)

I remember the moment I became aware that God

had given me this precious assignment to bridge the gap between, where you are at now and your purpose. 

I'm so confident about this platform that

I am opening up this platform inviting you to join me.


We meet once a month, these range from Breakfast Mornings,

 Empowerment Lunches,

Dinner Evenings,

Afternoon Tea & Spa Days.

One to One

Masterminding with Sola Dawkins

once a month

(via Audio).

Mastermind group session with

Sola Dawkins and her Team In London

(within M25). 

On-line Mastermind tutorials


Welcome pack and workbook

to download.


Plus of course,

 I always throw in surprises.

Because of the internet, we can now meet simply & easily, and it doesn’t matter where you are located or what your time zone is.

Success begins with an internal formidable force that demands your best self to be put forward.  

You become a part of an atmosphere that breaths, speaks and pours into the core of who you are.

Weekly Empowerment Audios delivered to your inbox, for you to soak up either first thing in the morning, after your school run, during your lunch break

or at your leisure.

Monthly Empowerment Audio delivered to your inbox, with goal setting, personal development and action steps included.

Monthly meet ups.

This is where the term 'Network' really vibrates within you as the connections, friendships and sisterhood are re-birthed.

For these, we dress up (just a little)

In the monthly meet ups, 

speakers along with myself will deliver empowerment, life changing, transformational conversations.

To be honest,

It doesn't even matter if you don't have an idea of your life's purpose, clear goal or vision as yet. 


100 Higher has a way of

Divinely Connecting

You just by being you.

100 Higher

is here for you.

It's an awesome empowering arena, to see those goals and dreams become more then words.

On this platform, you are given the opportunity to have your wings soar, you also have personal development, mentoring and coaching at your fingertips.

Ohhhh and one more thing...

Find yourself in a pickle...

You also have access to a host of accountability partners...


(ok not just one more thing)

The empowerment workshops which are also one of our signatures, has seen Women starting businesses,

following through on dreams

and simply becoming more connected, more confident,

whole and centred individuals.

100 Higher


It's my absolute honour to serve you and to have you.

It's about togetherness, connectivity and Women coming together sharing and acknowledging, we are more alike than we are not.

Pain hurts no matter the colour of your skin.

Disappointment comes to us all.

We are not defined by the things you see we are defined by the things you cant see, our heart, our mind and spirit, mingle those three together with sincerity and we are destined to go HIGHER.


Join us today

Be one of the 100

Higher Women


Usually £297 per month

Limited time only

For only £125 per month

Subscription is monthly

Monthly meet up costs are not included in your monthly subscription,

unless stated.